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April 24, 2010 map

April 24, 2010 Tornadoes
# Counties Rating Time (CST) Length (miles) Width (yards) Fatalities Injuries
1 Decatur/Perry/Humphreys EF1 1526 25.6 400 0 0
2 Hickman EF1 1715 1.84 100 0 0
3 Macon EF0 1842 1.51 50 0 0


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EF1 Decatur/Perry/Humphreys Tornado
Counties: Decatur/Perry/Humphreys
Time: 3:26 PM CST
EF Scale: EF1
Wind Speed Estimate (Perry/Humphries Counties): 100 MPH
Damage Path Length: 25.6 miles
Damage Path Width (Perry/Humphreys Counties): 400 yards
Start Point: 35.684/-88.1386
End Point: 35.882/-87.754
Fatalities: 0
Injuries 0
Storm Data:

A tornado touched down on Bible Hill Road, approximately 2 miles north-northwest of Parsons. The tornado traveled east-northeast for about 11 miles crossing the Tennessee River and continuing into Perry County, Tennessee. Significant tree damage occurred along the track, especially on Brodie's Landing Road. Although minor damage occurred to most structures hit directly from the tornado, significant property damage occurred from falling trees. In total, 15 homes sustained damage. Three of these homes were completely destroyed. Seven homes received major damage while five had minor damage. One business had a roof blown off while one barn was completely destroyed. The tornado entered Perry county near Simms Road along the eastern side of the Tennessee river. Damage continued northeastward...for a length of 13.8 miles and a maximum width of 300 yards. Hundreds of soft and hard wood trees were snapped or uprooted. There was some roof damage noted. The tornado entered Humphreys County just north of the intersection of Blue Creek and Crooked Creek Roads. Damage consisting of snapped and uprooted trees continued almost nine miles northeast crossing Interstate 40 just east of the Highway 13 exit. The last evidence of damage was along Barren Hollow Road just north of I-40.


EF1 Hickman County Tornado
Counties: Hickman
Time: 5:15 PM CST
EF Scale: EF1
Wind Speed Estimate: 90 MPH
Damage Path Length: 1.84 miles
Damage Path Width: 100 yards
Start Point: 35.6478/-87.5184
End Point: 35.6674/-87.4962
Fatalities: 0
Injuries 0
Storm Data:

A tornado with max winds of 90 mph touched down southwest of the Aetna community along state highway 48. Damaged continued to the northeast along state highway 48 for a length of 2 miles and a maximum width of 100 yards. Hundreds of trees were uprooted and snapped with a couple of small sheds and trailer destroyed. Some minor roof damage was noted on a dozen homes.


EF0 Macon County Tornado
Counties: Macon
Time: 6:42 PM CST
EF Scale: EF0
Wind Speed Estimate: 85 MPH
Damage Path Length: 1.51 miles
Damage Path Width: 50 yards
Start Point: 36.534/-86.19
End Point: 36.554/-86.179
Fatalities: 0
Injuries 0
Storm Data:

A tornado with max winds of 85 mph touched down at the intersection of state highway 52 and rocky mound road. Damaged continued to the north northeast for an approximately length of 1.5 miles and a maximum width of 50 yards. Multiple shallow rooted trees were uprooted with one small barn destroyed.