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February 7 Houston County Tornado


National Weather Service personnel along with Houston County Emergency Management determined a brief EF0 tornado touched down in the Yellow Creek community approximately 7.2 miles ESE of Erin. This small, weak tornado moved ENE across Highway 49 where it snapped numerous trees that fell northward and blocked the highway. Other trees on the north side of the highway were snapped towards the south and east. The tornado then struck a home causing minor exterior damage including a blown out window. The most significant damage was to outbuildings near the home, including a collapsed carport, a destroyed shed, and other outbuildings. Debris and outdoor objects were thrown in all directions in a clearly convergent pattern, with debris blown several hundred yards across fields to the ENE. Homeowners also witnessed the tornado as it passed their home. The tornado then struck a second home on Ellis Mills Road causing minor exterior damage and blowing out a window, destroyed a nearby shed and snapped several more trees. The tornado apparently lifted just east of Ellis Mills Road.


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