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Tornado Statistics
# Counties Rating Time (CDT) Length (miles) Width (yards) Fatalities Injuries
1 Smith EF0 1136 AM 2.1 miles 75 yards 0 0


A low pressure system traversing middle Tennessee brought rain and a couple severe thunderstorms on May 24, 2017. The Smith County storm ended up producing a brief EF-0 tornado near Mitchell Lane shortly before noon, where trees were uprooted/snapped. Two barns were also destroyed off of Hiwassee Road.


OHX BR/SRV Radar Loop of
Smith County Tornado


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EF0 Smith County Tornado
Counties: Smith
Time: 1136-1139 AM
EF Scale: EF0
Estimated Peak Winds: 75-80 mph
Damage Path Length: 2.1 miles
Damage Path Width: 75 yards
Fatalities: 0
Injuries 0

Storm Survey:

A weak EF-0 tornado touched down in far western Smith County just east of the Wilson/Smith County line on Mitchell Lane. Damage was mostly confined to dozens of trees snapped or uprooted along the 2 mile path. Two barns were also uplifted and destroyed off of Hiwassee Road in western Smith County.

Smith County Damage Survey Photos:

Tree damage
Trees snapped
Uprooted tree