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Tornado Statistics
# Counties Rating Time (CST) Length (miles) Width (yards) Fatalities Injuries
1 Dickson EF0 1552 0.91 75 0 0
2 Davidson EF1 1630 2.34 200 0 0
3 Davidson/Rutherford/Wilson EF1 1653 10.93 100 0 0
4 Trousdale EF0 1704 6.9 125 0 0



A line of strong to severe thunderstorms, known as a Quasi-Linear Convective System (or QLCS), moved rapidly across Middle Tennessee at 60 mph from west to east between 3 PM and 7 PM CST on Saturday, November 18, 2017. This line of storms produced widespread damaging winds in many counties generally along and north of I-40 corridor. In addition to the damaging winds, the QLCS produced 4 confirmed tornadoes which damaged numerous homes and other buildings in several counties.

Tornadoes in the month of November are not unusual across Middle Tennessee. In fact, November ranks as the 6th most active month for tornadoes historically across the Mid State. November is the peak of the "secondary" Fall severe weather season, which typically brings an increase in severe thunderstorm activity across the Tennessee Valley from October through December.


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EF0 Cumberland Furnace Tornado
Counties: Dickson
Time: 3:52 PM CST
EF Scale: EF0
Estimated Peak Winds: 80 mph
Damage Path Length: 0.91 miles
Damage Path Width: 75 yards
Fatalities: 0
Injuries 0

Storm Survey:

A small, brief EF-0 tornado touched down southwest of the intersection of Little Barton's Creek Road and Woods Valley Road northwest of Cumberland Furnace and moved northeast. A home suffered minor roof damage and an outbuilding was destroyed on Woods Valley Road. Just east of Wood Valley Road on Little Barton's Creek Road, one barn was destroyed, another barn was damaged, and an outbuilding was heavily damaged by a fallen tree. Another home and an adjacent barn further to the east suffered minor roof damage. Dozens of trees were snapped or uprooted in all directions along the path.

This last tornado to hit Dickson County in the month of November was in 2005.

Dickson Map
Dickson Radar


EF1 Joelton Tornado
Counties: Davidson
Time: 4:30 PM CST
EF Scale: EF1
Estimated Peak Winds: 105 mph
Path Length: 2.34 miles
Path Width: 200 yards
Fatalities: 0
Injuries: 0

Storm Survey:

An EF-1 tornado started along Stagner Road just north of Interstate 24 around 1.2 miles northwest of Joelton, blowing down several trees as it moved eastward to Whites Creek Pike. More trees and power lines were blown down on Millken Drive and Margie Drive before the tornado intensified and caused significant roof damage to two homes on Gary Road just south of Union Hill Road. Several power poles were also snapped and trees uprooted in this area. The tornado continued eastward through inaccessible forests blowing down numerous trees before rapidly dissipating about one half mile north of the Clay Lick Road bridge over Interstate 24. The beginning point, start time, end point, and path length of this tornado were updated in July 2018 based on newly available high resolution satellite imagery in Google Earth.

The last known tornado to hit Davidson County in the month of November occurred 106 years ago in 1911.

Joelton Map
Joelton Radar


EF1 Gladeville Tornado
Counties: Davidson/Rutherford/Wilson
Time: 4:53 PM CST
EF Scale: EF1
Estimated Peak Winds: 100 mph
Damage Path Length: 10.93 miles
Damage Path Width: 100 yards
Fatalities: 0
Injuries 0

Storm Survey:

An EF-1 tornado began in far southeast Davidson County where weak tree and roof damage (EF-0) was noted on Hampton Blvd in the Villages of Long Hunter subdivision of Antioch. The tornado then crossed Percy Priest Lake into far northwest Rutherford County where numerous trees were blown down and the roofs of a few homes suffered minor damage. Moving into Wilson County, the tornado intensified to EF-1, snapping or uprooting dozens of trees and destroying several outbuildings on Fellowship Road and Underwood Road. The worst damage was in Gladeville where a few homes suffered roof damage on Cobblestone Way and Stonefield Drive, several fences were blown down, and a few outbuildings were destroyed. The steeple of a church on McCreary Road collapsed into the sanctuary, and part of an exterior brick wall was blown down. An RV carport across the street from the church was also destroyed. Another outbuilding was destroyed on Odum Lane and several more trees were blown down before the tornado lifted in inaccessible areas south of Highway 265. The ending point, ending time, and path length of the Wilson County portion of this tornado were updated in July 2018 based on newly available high resolution satellite imagery in Google Earth, giving an updated total path length across Davidson, Rutherford, and Wilson Counties of 10.93 miles.

The last known tornado to hit Wilson County in the month of November occurred 92 years ago in 1925, and the last known tornado in Rutherford County in the month of November was 91 years ago in 1926.

Gladeville Map
Gladeville Radar


EF0 Hartsville Tornado
Counties: Trousdale
Time: 5:04 PM CST
EF Scale: EF0
Estimated Peak Winds: 85 mph
Damage Path Length: 6.9 miles
Damage Path Width: 125 yards
Fatalities: 0
Injuries 0

Storm Survey:

An EF-0 tornado touched down just east of Highway 231 in Trousdale County causing weak tree damage before intensifying on Walnut Grove Road and Sulphur College Road where dozens of trees were snapped and uprooted.  A few homes sustained some minor roof damage with a few outbuildings and barns severely damaged.  Additional trees were downed on Highway 141 and Halltown Road before the tornado lifted. The tornado passed just 1.5 miles north of the city of Hartsville.

This tornado was the first one ever recorded in the month of November in Trousdale County.

Hartsville Map
Hartsville Radar