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Tornado Statistics
# Counties Rating Time (CST) Length (miles) Width (yards) Fatalities Injuries
1 Robertson/Logan KY EF1/EF2 1553 0.45 in TN 150 0 (1 in KY) 0
2 Montgomery EF1 2050 5.04 150 0 0
3 Montgomery EF2 2103 4.05 200 0 2
4 Robertson EF1 2119 3.13 150 0 0



An intense storm system brought severe thunderstorms to northwest Middle Tennessee during the late afternoon and evening hours on February 24. One supercell thunderstorm developed along a warm front moving northward across the area during the afternoon, producing one tornado along the Kentucky/Tennessee border in Robertson County. Later in the evening, a Quasi-Linear Convective System (QLCS) moved into the area from the west, spawning three more tornadoes across Montgomery and Robertson County that damaged dozens of homes and businesses, and producing wind damage in several other areas.


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OHX radar loop on February 24, 2018



EF1/EF2 Keysburg Tornado
Counties: Robertson/Logan KY
Time: 3:53 PM CST
EF Scale: EF1 (TN)/EF2 (KY)
Estimated Peak Winds (TN): 105 mph
Damage Path Length (TN): 0.45 miles
Damage Path Width (TN): 150 yards
Fatalities (TN): 0
Injuries (TN): 0

Storm Survey:

This tornado began a half mile south of the Kentucky/Tennessee state line between Hugh Gill Road and Keysburg Road and produced EF-1 damage in Tennessee with numerous trees snapped and uprooted. The tornado moved northeast destroying the roof of a barn on Hugh Gill Road before hitting a home on McGhee Road causing significant roof and chimney damage. The tornado then moved into Kentucky where it caused preliminary EF-2 damage. Please refer to NWS Louisville for updated information on the Kentucky portion of the tornado path. 
Robertson/Logan County Map
Robertson/Logan County Radar


EF1 Dotsonville Tornado
Counties: Montgomery
Time: 8:50 PM CST
EF Scale: EF1
Estimated Peak Winds: 105 mph
Path Length: 5.04 miles
Path Width: 150 yards
Fatalities: 0
Injuries: 0

Storm Survey:

An EF-1 tornado touched down near the Dotsonville community along Dotsonville Road at Bradley A. Martin Road and moved northeast. Trees were blown down and a few homes suffered minor roof damage on Gip Manning Road and Hunting Creek Road. Hundreds of trees were snapped or uprooted and 12 to 15 homes were damaged on Martin Road, Deepwood Drive, and Deepwood Trail with two homes severely damaged. More trees were blown down on Rustys Lane and along the Cumberland River before the tornado lifted.

Dotsonville Map
Dotsonville Radar


EF2 East Clarksville Tornado
Counties: Montgomery
Time: 9:03 PM CST
EF Scale: EF2
Estimated Peak Winds: 125 mph
Damage Path Length: 4.05 miles
Damage Path Width: 150 yards
Fatalities: 0
Injuries 2

Storm Survey:

An EF-2 tornado touched down in eastern Clarksville on Dunbar Cave Road and moved east-northeast across Interstate 24 north of Rossview Road before ending on Kirkwood Road. Several trees were blown down at the beginning of the path north of Dunbar Cave Road. Continuing northeast, several outbuildings were damaged at the Rossview High School football stadium. The tornado crossed I-24 and struck an industrial complex where three buildings were damaged and 75 cars sustained minor damage. The tornado intensified as it crossed Rollow Lane, blowing the roof off one home and downing numerous trees. Four duplexes lost their roofs on Holland Drive and many others were severely damaged. Numerous homes sustained roof and exterior damage in the Farmington subdivision along Covey Rise Circle, Bainbridge Drive, Green Grove Way, and Edgewater Lane, and one home on Green Grove Way at Covey Rise Circle was shifted off its foundation and completely destroyed. Another home was heavily damaged west of Gardenia Lane in an area of new homes before the tornado moved across open fields. The last damage was some uprooted trees on Kirkwood Road. Maximum winds were estimated to be 125 mph.
Gladeville Map
East Clarksville Tornado on Radar


EF1 Adams Tornado
Counties: Robertson
Time: 9:19 PM CST
EF Scale: EF1
Estimated Peak Winds: 95 mph
Path Length: 3.13 miles
Path Width: 150 yards
Fatalities: 0
Injuries: 0

Storm Survey:

An EF-1 tornado touched down east of Adams near Johnson Springs Road and moved northeast before ending along Buzzard Creek Road. Corn from a farm on the east side of Johnson Springs Road was blown over a quarter of a mile to the northeast. One home suffered minor roof damage on Sturgeon Creek Road and dozens of trees were snapped or uprooted along both Sturgeon Creek Road and Barnes Road. Several barns and outbuildings were damaged or destroyed along a bend of Buzzard Creek Road before the tornado lifted.

Dotsonville Radar
Dotsonville Radar