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Realizing the importance of weather data to a wide range of users, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has placed an emphasis on the availability of data. While there are still costs associated with some specialized or certified data sets, users of weather information are able to obtain a wide range of data, from observations to remotely sensed imagery from online sources. The sources of data listed here represent only a subset of sources of weather and climate data. This list has been compiled from our most frequent data requests.
Local Climate Data Resources

Our climate page contains daily and monthly climate reports for Nashville, Crossville, and Clarksville. The preliminary CF6 monthly reports go back five years. A variety of products for many COOP sites across Middle Tennessee can be accessed via the NOWData page.

Our handy Daily Climate Information page contains graphical climate information and even 24-hour temperatures and precipitation totals.

The daily Middle Tennessee Roundup contains a temperature, precipitation, and evaporation summary.

All-time records for various locations in Middle Tennessee can be accessed here.

A plethora of weather records, mostly for Nashville, can be found on this page.

National Centers for Environment Information Climate Resources

The National Centers for Environmental Information, or NCEI, is the official repository of NWS data and the world’s largest archive of an extensive range of weather and climate data. All certified data must be obtained directly from NCEI. NCEI archives 99% of all NOAA data and makes it available in a number of formats. Climatological publications are available as well. The individual links are far too many to list here. Instead, we have provided links that correspond to our most frequent requests for data.

NCEI's most popular products

Last Spring Freeze and Median First Freeze

Climate Monitoring Reports

Radar Archives

Miscellaneous Climate Resources
Southern Regional Climate Center
NWS Nashville Unique Climate Data
Severe Weather Reports