National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

Lawrence County Storm Damage on September 25, 2005


The National Weather Service has determined that strong convective downdrafts produced minor wind damage in Lawrence County on the evening of Sunday September 25.

The strongest winds of about 80 mph hit just south of Liberty Grove. A trailer was thrown into a pond near the intersection of Rebecca and Peppertown Road, or about 2 miles south of Liberty Grove. Also, three shallow rooted oak trees were uprooted 1.2 miles south of liberty grove at 111 Peppertown Road around 8:06 pm CDT Sunday.

Between 8:26-8:28 pm CDT Sunday, winds of about 70 mph hit near the Lawrenceburg municipal airport. A few trees were uprooted and part of a metal roof was blown off a storage barn on gimlet road.

The NWS would like to thank the Lawrence county emergency management for its assistance in this storm survey.

Jerry Orchanian
Warning Coordination Meteorologist