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Weather101 is a series of FREE interactive online classes to help the public learn about meteorology, forecasting and the National Weather Service in general.  These classes will expound on our SKYWARN spotter classes offered each spring and fall.

ndividuals or groups will be able to complete the courses in the comfort of their own home using the extremely user-friendly computer program, Go-To Meeting.  The only requirement will be speakers to listen, if you're using a computer. If you want to ask questions, you will need to have a VOIP microphone (this is not a requirement). 

Each class can be viewed on a 
Mac or PC, as well as on your iPad, iPhone or Android device by simply downloading the FREE Go-To-Webinar app in the app store on your device (you'll need the Webinar ID number supplied in the registration email).

Here's a list of the classes that will be offered and an overview of topics in each class:




  • GOES 16 - 18
  • Satellite Channels
  • How do they help the NWS?




  • Hazards from hurricanes
  • Saffir-Simpson Scale
  • More tropical information



 Fire Weather

  • What is the NWS role?
  • Relative Humidity vs Wind
  • What is an IMET?



 NWS Damage Surveys

  • What are they?
  • Why do we do them?
  • The Enhanced Fujita Scale



  • What is wind?
  • Chinooks, Downslope Winds, Santa Ana Winds
  • When Wind Busts the Forecast


The Basics

  • Who is the NWS?
  • What causes the weather?
  • What are some weather hazards?

The North American Monsoon

  • What is a "Monsoon"?
  • What is a "Microburst"?
  • What is a "Haboob" and how does it form?



 Flash Flooding: The Forgotten   Element of Severe Weather

  • Meteorological Causes​ of Flash Flooding
  • River flooding
  • Breakdown of NWS Flood products



 Observations in 3-Dimensions:
 METARs and Upper Air Patterns

  • METAR breakdown and how they are used
  • ​Weather analysis maps:
    cold/warm fronts
  • Upper air patterns and their
    interactions with surface patterns



  The Radar

  • A quick explanation of Doppler
  • Reflectivity versus velocity
  • Dual Pol products  

  Upper Air Soundings:
  What do they mean?

  • Explain the Upper Air process
  • Breakdown of several typically used parameters
  • Hodographs

 Quasi-Linear Convective   Systems (QLCSs): 
 The Squall Line

  • What they are, what they aren't
  • How do they form?
  • Why do they give The South fits?


 Severe Thunderstorms:
 What is needed?

  • Instability
  • Wind Shear
  • Lift



 Snowfall Forecasts:
 Why are they so difficult?

  • ​An examination of upper air soundings
  • Ice Nucleation
  • Warm air aloft and its role

To sign up for one of our online classes, simply click on the link beside the date/time you want to attend, fill out the form and we will forward you a link to register on the Go-To Meeting website.  Register, download the FREE software, and BAM! You can attend the one hour online class. Remember, if you're using the Go-To Meeting app on your iPad, iPhone or Android device, your Webinar ID number will be included in your registration email.


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Thank You for everyone's support!
Weather101 returns late October-November 2022


Classes are FREE & for ALL AGES!
All classes will run approximately 1 hour with a question and answer segment
No prior training is necessary, but registration is required
NOTE: Classes may be canceled with short notice due to severe weather!