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River Flooding Continues to be a Concern for Multiple Regions across the Country

Recent rainfall has increased the threat of Moderate to Major flooding along rivers in the Mid-Atlantic, especially Virginia and Maryland, over the next few days. Rainfall combined with snowmelt is also fueling Moderate-to-Major flooding in the northern Rockies and northern Intermountain West. Read More >

Andrew Stern

Andrew Stern
Director, of the Analyze, Forecast and Support Office
NOAA National Weather Service

Andrew (Andy) Stern is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Weather Service (NWS) Director of the Analyze, Forecast and Support (AFS) Office. In this capacity, he serves two roles. As the Office Director, he is responsible for the NWS’ 11 National Service Programs, policies and directives to support field operations and developing field requirements. He also has a budgetary role as the AFS Portfolio Director, who is responsible for oversight of budget planning and execution for all NWS field offices.

Prior to being named AFS Director in 2015, Stern served on several Senior Executive leadership details including as the acting Director of the Office of Climate, Water and Weather Services (OCWWS), and as the acting Chief of the Meteorological Services Division. Since 2012, he has served as Chief Operations Officer for OCWWS, where he had oversight of day-to-day operations for the National Service Programs and the OCWWS budget.

Prior to this current tour at NWS headquarters, Stern worked in the private sector supporting both the Federal Highway Administration’s Road Weather Management Program, and the NWS in the development of the Supplemental Product Generator which processes radar data for NWS forecasters from the Federal Aviation Administration’s Terminal Doppler Weather Radars.

Stern also has extensive weather forecasting experience with tours at the National Hurricane Center and NWS Weather Forecast Offices in Miami and Washington, D.C. Stern holds a Bachelor’s degree in meteorology from the Florida State University and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the George Washington University.

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