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Weather Safety content for Kids and Teens:
The National Weather Service Seasonal Safety Campaign Page. Learn about weather safety!

NOAA’s Weather-Ready Nation™ application is designed to increase your level of readiness for various weather threats. Select your age group and state and you will be given a customized set of weather scenarios. Upon completion of your set, you will be offered a certificate of completion. Click your age group and State to begin. Note that you may take your weather scenarios in any order.

The Young Meteorologist Program: Follow Owlie Skywarn through hurricanes, floods, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and winter storms to learn about these weather hazards and how to stay safe and become a Young Meteorologist!.

Red Cross Monsterguard App:Learn what to do in a weather emergency with these monsters!

CDC: Follow Ready Wrigley as he gets ready for hurricanes, tornadoes, and winter storms! Follow the checklists to make your own emergency kit! Check out his app!

Disney’s Mickey and Friends Disaster Preparedness Activity Book. Follow Mickey and his friends as they get ready for severe weather! Also available in Spanish.

Masters of Disaster: Play the Disaster Master game and build an emergency kit for your home!