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AWIPS II Interface with CHPS

Under a contract with Raytheon Information Solutions (RIS), the NWS Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS) will undergo significant software architecture changes over the next 5 years. The next generation system is referred to as AWIPS II. Raytheon’s AWIPS web site is located here.) AWIPS II is also based on SOA concepts. RIS has been contracted to re-cast AWIPS in a SOA environment. AWIPS II will contain little - if any - new functionality beyond the existing AWIPS. However, CHPS is targeted for what the NWS calls "AWIPS II Extended"; for more information see OS&T’s web page here. It is therefore highly desirable that:

  1. CHPS and AWIPS II are technically aligned for maximum compatibility
  2. the plan for CHPS does not conflict with plans for AWIPS II
  3. Raytheon and the OHD do not duplicate efforts; rather they work collaboratively to optimize use of budget and human resources OHD engaged RIS to identify potential interface points between AWIPS II and CHPS, using the CHPS Pilot system as the basis for analysis. Working closely with Delft, RIS completed the analysis at the end of October 31 2007; a copy of the report is available here.

Furthermore, since CHPS will be phased in to operations, the NWSRFS and CHPS must co-exist for a defined transition period. Such a transition period is likely to occur during the time of migration from AWIPS to AWIPS II. Thus the CHPS deployment strategy is as follows:

  • CHPS will initially co-exist with NWSRFS in the current AWIPS environment
  • When RIS has completed migration of NWSRFS to AWIPS II, CHPS will co-exist with the AWIPS II version of NWSRFS
  • When CHPS contains all required functionality, CHPS will replace NWSRFS; NWSRFS will be retired from NWS RFC operations

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