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CHPS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)...

1. What’s the difference between CHPS and FEWS?

FEWS is a suite of infrastructure software maintained and supported by Deltares. On its own it does very little; it is primarily a generic mechanism to pass data from one place (e.g., a user interface) to another (e.g., a hydraulic model), and it performs some basic time series data transformations. Only when FEWS is configured for the user’s specific domain does it transform into a functioning system. A user would supply the necessary modeling operations, or acquire them from a source which shares (open source) or sells FEWS-compatible models.

CHPS is NOAA’s customized application of FEWS. CHPS runs models that are compatible with FEWS - including those migrated from NWSRFS – providing extra user capabilities not available via FEWS, such as model calibration. In the future, NOAA will make CHPS models available to other FEWS users.

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