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What We're Doing

You are viewing the new This design refresh is the beginning of a phased effort to update the National Weather Service web presence and improve customer access to information and services. The goal of this first phase is to improve content organization, navigation, look and feel, functionality, and usability of as well as improve access from mobile devices.

To begin, you will see the new design on the home and weather forecast. Planning for the implementation of the new design on local Weather Forecast Office and other NWS websites is currently underway. In subsequent phases we will support advancements in the delivery of information and decision support services from

New Design

Along with a new look, the new design organizes what was previously left navigation into six categories: Forecast, Past Weather, Weather Safety, Information Center, News, and About. As with the current design, these sections will provide access to national level weather information and services as well as weather-related headlines of national importance.

Local weather information will continue to be available via click-through from the central map as well as from the city, state / zip code / location forecast look up box. New in this proposed design is the inclusion of the My Forecast feature, which allows you to specify a forecast area to be set as a default for future visits to and automatically displayed from the home page.

Beginning in April 2011, we solicited comments on both early design mockups and a live preview.  During our live preview comment period we received over 35,000 comments. We made many refinements as a result of this feedback. A few of them are:

  • Inclusion of the interactive forecast area map
  • Feature placement for the hourly weather graph
  • Overall improvements to aesthetics and readability


We now also offer a new mobile-optimized version of our website at If you visit using a smartphone, you will automatically be sent to this mobile-optimized site.


If you have your local forecast bookmarked you do not need to make any changes, the URL will stay the same.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.