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SFSC Field Support

Operational and Technical Supports


The Sterling Field Support Center (SFSC) provides operational support to field personnel through a combination of sensor testing, analysis and contact center support. Sterling revolutionized the meteorological community by developing the infrastructure and algorithms required to completely automate the Unites States' Upper Air and Surface Observing Systems. 

The staff of the SFSC is comprised of a diverse mix of Meteorologists, Electrical Technicians, and Engineers. Collectively, SFSC personnel have many years of practical experience working with NWS sensors and related equipment.


SFSC Contact Center Information:

Main Line: 703-661-1268

Back-up Line: 703-661-1293


COOP Support


The Sterling Field Support Center (SFSC) provides a critical service to the National Weather Service (NWS) field community through use of their years of knowledge and experience gained through extensive sensor and system testing and maintenance. The SFSC has assisted the field since 2009 with the deployment and operation of the Fischer Porter Rebuild (FPR) rain gauges.

When you have an operational or maintenance anomaly or a system failure on a COOP system, phone the SFSC, 8:30am – 5:00pm, Monday – Friday, on 703-661-1268; or e-mail them,

Before calling SFSC, write down the issue or question and inform your Regional COOP Manager by phone or email.

All emails and phone calls received during the hours of operation will be responded to in a timely manner. Emails received during non-operation hours will be returned in the order they are received on the following day in which the facility is open. The SFSC is closed for all federal holidays.