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Twitter feeds are a supplemental service provided by NWS to extend the reach of NWS information.  Twitter feeds and tweets do not always reflect the most current information for forecasts, watches, and warnings. For the most current official info, visit:


The National Weather Service (NWS) provides weather, hydrologic, and climate forecasts and warnings for the United States, its territories, adjacent waters and ocean areas, for the protection of life and property and the enhancement of the national economy. NWS data and products form a national information database and infrastructure which can be used by other governmental agencies, the private sector, the public, and the global community.


NWS will be using Twitter as a supplemental channel to disseminate environmental information and promote weather awareness activities including outreach and educational efforts. For more detailed information on this service, see

Microblogging services offer another platform to distribute/contribute critical warning and impact information rapidly while also allowing NWS partners to contribute to what is being microblogged.  A presence on Twitter offers a powerful tool to help disseminate lifesaving information; increase the public’s understanding of weather, water, and climate; and increase the public’s ability to take action.

As a supplemental service:

  • The amount and content of information provided may change.
  • The frequency of updates posted to this feed may vary and is not guaranteed.
  • Followers should not rely on this service as the primary means of receiving alerts/warnings of hazardous weather. NWS alerts/warnings are available on NOAA Weather Radio and our official website:

Responses to tweets are made on a time-available basis and may be extremely limited during periods of severe weather.


NWS Posting Policy

The National Weather Service (NWS) is using Twitter as a supplemental channel for improving weather awareness. Postings to this page highlight activities of interest and importance to both the weather community and the public, and include NWS meetings, constituent and partner engagement activities, and public education efforts.

Questions or comments about local forecasts or local advisories/watches/warnings need to be submitted to the issuing local Weather Forecast Offices. The local Weather Forecast Offices are listed at:  

There is no endorsement, implied or otherwise, by the NWS of any fan posts, links, or photos. Writers/fans are fully responsible for the content they submit.

Your comments are important to us and others who follow these feeds. It's important to remember that our weather community includes people of all ages and backgrounds. What seems funny to one person might be truly offensive to another. From our experience, the people who join in the dialog on these pages mostly self-moderate each other. The NWS posting policy is intended to set clear guidelines on what is appropriate for these pages. Above all, posted comments must be appropriate for all ages and be courteous and respectful of others and related to matters, activities, programs, policies or operations relevant to the NWS. NWS has established the following posting policies and reserves the right to delete postings that are inconsistent with them. Therefore, it is our policy to remove any tweet that:

  • is from anyone younger than 13 years of age;
  • contains defamatory, vulgar, obscene, abusive, profane, threatening, hateful, intimidating, or otherwise offensive language;
  • contains malicious or offensive comments based on gender, race, class, ethnicity, national origin, political affiliation, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or other classification;
  • contains advertisements, endorsements, or promotions, including spam and similar content;
  • contains comments on matters unrelated to activities of the National Weather Service or its programs, policies, operations, or general areas of responsibility;
  • contains impersonations or misrepresents the writer’s identity or affiliation;
  • contains viruses or similar harmful programs;
  • contains proprietary information or intellectual property that is posted without the approval of the owner;
  • recommends that members of the public contact a member of Congress or of a state or local legislature;
  • contains comments regarding a candidate in a partisan political campaign or regarding a political party; or
  • contains information that violates a local, state, or national law.


Use of Third-Party Data and Products

Third-party information and imagery are used under license by the individual third-party provider.  This third-party information may contain trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names, and other distinctive brand features to identify the source of the information. This does not imply an endorsement of the third-party data/products or their provider by NOAA/National Weather Service. Please contact the third-party provider for information on your rights to further use these data/products.