National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
  1. Select the type of followup statement you wish to create (i.e. SVS)
  2. Right click within an area to followup - the polygon will appear
    a) If there is not a valid warning in effect for the area selected, the closest warning will come to the top of the list and must be chosen for polygon to appear.
  3. Adjust storm track to match current track
    a) If no storm motion (i.e. FLW product), just adjust polygon if needed.
  4. Adjust polygon for current hazard location (i.e. bring back edge of polygon to current location of storm)
    a) Area cannot be expanded outside of initially included areas. If polygon is expanded to include additional area, it will not be hatched and not included in the followup. Any new areas need to be included in a new warning.
    b) Area can be made smaller.
  5. Click Create Text
  6. Make any needed edits on text workstation
  7. SEND product