National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
  1. Open the formatter launcher by clicking Products --> Formatter Launcher from the GFE menu bar
  2. Open the product edit by clicking Products --> Product Editor / Make Correction

  3. Load the product in need of a correction by clicking File --> Load Product / Make Correction

  4. Enter the 6-letter ID of the product in need of correction in the pop-up box (i.e. WSWIWX)
  5. Make the necessary changes to the text of your product. Remember, corrections are ONLY for text mistakes. Any changes needed to valid times, areas or hazards must be handled in the grids and the appropriate formatter run.

    NOTE: When the product is first loaded, it will show RESENT in the MND header. But once you type in the product, that will change to CORRECTED.

    If this is a VTEC product, any changes to a segment will cause that segment's action code to change to COR. Any untouched segments will stay as they were. The exceptions are CAN, UPG and EXP as those action codes mean that no further actions can happen with that VTEC.

    If the change in a VTEC product is needed in the overview section, make the correction there, but note that no segments will change to COR. Simply add a new overview headline stating ...corrected for <whatever needed correcting> in overview... The MND will still indicate this is a correction.
  6. Run the spell check by clicking Edit --> Spell Check from the product editor menu.

  7. Make sure the Type option at the bottom of the editor is set to CCA. If this is the second (or third) correction to this product, you will need to manually change the CCA to CCB or CCC.

  8. Click Transmit to send the product.