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  1. Open the MakeHazard tool by clicking Hazards --> MakeHazard from the GFE menu bar. Do NOT pre-select (i.e. prime with) the existing hazard as that will cause a change in the expiring zones, which is not desired.
  2. Select the desired hazard subgroup (i.e. Marine), hazard, zone(s) and times. Always start at the current time and have it end in the number of hours you wish to extend the hazard.
  3. Run MergeHazards by clicking Hazards --> MergeHazards from the GFE menu bar. You will have at least 2 hazard grids, the original hazard and a new grid with just the zone(s) being extended.

  4. Save and Publish the entire hazard grid.
  5. Run the appropriate formatter by clicking Products --> Formatter Launcher from the GFE menu bar then selecting your formatter (i.e. CWF) and clicking the silver gear button.
  6. Make the necessary changes to the text of your product. Note you will have one segment for EXP and another for the EXT.

  7. Run the spell check by clicking Edit --> Spell Check from the product editor menu.
  8. Click Transmit to send the product.