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Job Sheet for H-VTEC Flood Advisory Using RiverPro

Because RiverPro will not make product recommendations of any kind (issue new, continue ongoing, cancel) for flood advisories, you must use the following instructions for issuing an H-VTEC flood advisory from RiverPro. Please note the two options in step 4 depending on whether you are cancelling the advisory or not.

1) Select the appropriate advisory product from the product list on the left.

2) Select the forecast point(s) for inclusion in the product from the list on the right.

3) Select "Modify VTEC Settings" from the Settings menu to open the Modify VTEC Settings window.

4) In the Modify VTEC Settings window, your advisory should be listed at the top as a "proposed event." The following instructions apply to the box below these proposed events labeled "Edit/View Selected Event" - please do not edit any fields other than those listed here.

  a) For a NEW, CONtinued or EXTended advisory ONLY ONE FIELD needs to be edited - the event end time. The end time is set to MSG by default but should be entered as the time the point is forecast to fall below action stage. It should comply with the format listed in the window (yyyy/mm/dd-hh:mm).
  b) If you are CANcelling an advisory, there are ONLY TWO FIELDS to edit. First change the Action to "CAN" for a cancellation. Second change the event time to exactly what it was in the last statement issued for this point (which may have been either a NEW, CON or EXT).

5) Once you have made the above edits, click the "Update" button and then close the window using the button at the far bottom right of the window.

6) Create and issue your product as usual in RiverPro

  a) Product --> Create
  b) Edit the basis, headline, call-to-action and next update time sections of the product as necessary (do not change any VTEC settings while in the editor).
  c) Issue --> Issue Product

A few notes about Begin Times for advisories:
1) Make sure local policy supports altering the begin time of an advisory to start in the future. Most sites only issue advisories which begin upon issuance.

2) Once the event begins, the event start time will become all zeros. This is correct H-VTEC behavior for all products - do not alter these zeros.