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Heavy Snow For Portions of the Northeast; Great Lakes

Moderate to heavy snow will return to the Northeast and New England over the next couple of days. Heavy Lake Effect Snow will continue to the lee of the Great Lakes. Light snow will fall across portions of the Tennessee Valley; working into the Mid-Atlantic by mid-week. Meanwhile, elevated fire weather conditions will continue in southern California. Read More >

November is typically the heart of the transition season across the Northern Plains, where we lose about a degree a day on the normal temperatures, and many years will have the first measurable snowfall.  Nowhere has it been more evident than looking out the window at the snow and ice of the last several days, or wondering how you can keep the needed wardrobe accessible over the last week and a half.  Below is just how extreme the swing has been during the first third of November.


Temperatures This  November


Mean Mamimum Temperature Nov. 1-5

Departure From Normal

Mean Maximum Temperature Nov. 6-10

Departure From Normal

Sioux Falls, SD 71.2 +21.6 33.4 -13.0
Sioux City, IA 75.0 +22.4 35.8 -13.4
Mitchell, SD 70.4 +20.0 32.4 -14.6
Huron, SD 69.0 +19.8 30.6 -15.0