National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

The following are a few tips and tricks to help with the National Weather Service hiring process.


A professional looking resume is key in the hiring process. While you might think a short resume is acceptable, it is a good idea to give a very short description of your accomplishments to help the hiring officials decide if you meet the qualifications of the job announcement. Also, it is recommended to create a resume on, but also create a resume in a separate word document. This will guarantee that your resume is submitted properly. The information on your resume that is included is important. If possible, it’s best to tailor each resume to the job you are putting in for. This can be done by listing examples in your resume that support the job description and responsibilities.

Remember to do the following when creating and submitting your resume:

  • Submit a cover letter
  • Put examples in the resume that support the duties listed in the job description
  • Submit a complete, multi-page resume if possible
  • Create resume on and as a separate document
  • Be sure to have references on resume

Employment and Education Documentation

Several important documents are included in the hiring process along with a resume. Include all previous government employment documentation (SF50, DD214, etc.). Be sure to include all transcripts from all colleges that were attended. Also, don’t forget to include course descriptions for classes. While not all are needed, it will help hiring officials in determining if you qualify for a position.

Remember to include the following when applying for a job:

  • Employment Documentmentation
    • Government SF 50 form (for example if you participated in a Pathways Program)
    • Military DD214 form
  • Education
    • Transcripts (If attended multiple college; all transcripts must be submitted)
    • Encouraged to list all course work (Supply course descriptions, especially for physics classes)

Additional Information and Reminders

  • Most students with a bachelor's degree or graduate degree in meteorology or atmospheric science are eligible for a GS5/7 position. This position typically has a promotion potential to a GS11.
  • Practice submitting your application. To become better associated with the website, it is recommended to practice the process without submitting. Upload all proper documents and have it ready when the time comes to go through the process for actual job submission.
  • Be open to exploring new cities! At any given time there could be several job openings across the country. To get into the NWS, it would be best to to keep your options open. After getting experience at one location, you can start to apply for jobs in other locations around the country.
  • Start building your resume during Sophomore or Junior year of college. During the online hiring process, perspective employees are asked a series of questions that pertain to the job offer. A student can go through those questions to find out what is needed for certain jobs and then tailor their resume based on what was asked. Better yet, students can use these questions to start seeking out opportunities that will give them the experience they need based on the questions asked.