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Electronic Systems Analyst Jeff Cotterman,
Electronics Technician Pete Dellinger, and
Electronic Systems Analyst Jim Durr
Assistant Electronic Systems Analyst Kenneth Kottra,
Chanhassen, MN WFO

Careers in Information Technology and Electronics Maintenance

What is an Information Technology Specialist?

An information technology specialist is someone with in-depth advanced knowledge of design principles, theory of operation and operating practices for information technology equipment, software, telecommunications, networking, and security.

What is an Electronics Technician?

An electronics technician is someone who understands the design, capabilities, and limits of electronic equipment and systems.

What Do Information Technology Specialists and Electronics Technicians Do?

Information technology specialists and electronics technicians hold many different positions within the NWS. Most work with computers, servers, telephones, radio systems, automated surface observing systems (ASOSs), radars, or other electronic equipment to provide critical support to NWS offices and programs. Others maintain Internet sites, develop software, or write computer programs. The job duties of information technology specialists and electronics technicians in the NWS vary greatly between offices and official job titles.

  • The position description for a typical Information Technology Officer (ITO) job can be found here.
  • The position description for a typical electronics technician job can be found here.

Work Environment

Information technology specialists and electronics technicians work in offices, although electronics technicians often must travel short distances to service systems, such as ASOSs or radars. Shift work isn't typically required although those responsible for maintaining critical systems and equipment may be called to service systems in need of maintenance outside of typical working hours.

Education and Experience Requirements

Just as the duties vary for jobs in this broad category, so do the education and experience requirements. Be sure to read vacancy announcements on USAJOBS to determine if you meet the requirements and to ensure that you submit all required documentation to demonstrate your eligibility.

Faces of the NWS: Information Technology and Electronics Maintenance

Nikole Gallegos
Information Technology Branch Chief
Alaska Region Headquarters

Ronla Henry-Reeves 
Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS) Program Manager

Kenneth Kottra
Assistant Electronic Systems Analyst
Chanhassen, MN WFO

Jay Liang
IT Specialist
Storm Prediction Center

Gustavo Limon
Chief Technology Officer Office of the Assistant Chief Information Officer

Jerry Wiedenfeld
Information Technology Officer
Milwaukee/Sullivan WFO