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number    title   lead author   size (in MB)
21-02   Comparison of Two Major Floods, 1993 and 2019, on the Missouri River at Hermann, Missouri   Meyer, Juliann A.   0.7
21-01   Forecast Error Distribution:  A Technique to Quantify the Quality of River Forecasts   Meyer, Juliann A.   2.1
18-02   Mesoscale Patterns Supporting EF3-EF5 Tornadoes across Eastern Kansas and Vicinity   Gargan, William P.   2.1
18-01   Linear Convection and Air Traffic Decision Support:  April 12, 2015   Burger, Mark A.   0.8
17-01   Annual Distribution of Daily Record High Temperatures through the Period of Record for Selected Stations in the Central USA   Meyer, Juliann A.   0.5
16-02   Verification of a Blowing Snow Model with Utility for Decision Support Services   Makowski, Jeff A.   0.2
16-01   An Analysis of Valley Fog Behavior at La Crosse, Wisconsin   Rieck, Todd   0.6
15-02   Another Look at the 11 April 1965 Palm Sunday Outbreak   Chamberlain, Jon   4.3
15-01   Project Report: Determining Quantitative Precipitation Forecast Duration to Optimize River Forecast Services   Meyer, Juliann A.   10.7
13-03   A Comparative Hydrometeorological Analysis of the 2009, 2010, and 2011 Red River of the North Basin Spring Floods   Rogers, Peter   3.7
13-02   Analysis of the 26 August 2007 Northern Plains Tornado Outbreak   Kellenbenz, David J.   4.0
13-01   A Forecasting Methodology that Uses Moisture Parameters to Pinpoint Locations of Potential Lightning   Frisbie, Paul   2.4
12-02   January 26-28, 2009 Heavy Snowfall across Southeast Illinois   Barnes, Matt   2.3
12-01   The Role of a Stabilizing Boundary Layer during a Severe/Non-Severe Weather Event   Masek, Matthew   12.9
11-01   The Severe Thunderstorm Event over Central Wyoming on 6 July 2008   Baker, Todd W.  


10-02   Adapting Australia’s Grassland Fire Danger Index for the United States' Central Plains   Schreck, Mary-Beth   1.5
10-01   Basic Blizzard Ingredients Unmasked and a Review of the 5 April 2009 Non-Blizzard through the Eyes of the Short-Range Ensemble Forecast   Moyer, Ben   1.4
09-02   Strong Tornadoes in a Hybrid Cold-Core Environment:  The Northwestern Minnesota Case of 6 June 2008   Schultz, Chauncy J.   1.5
09-01   A Statistical Analysis Approach for Inferring Preferred Wind Direction for Enhanced Snowfall Amounts at Eastern Kentucky COOP Sites   Votaw, Gary S.   3.9
08-03   Rainfall Totals from the Hermosa Flash Flood of 17 August 2007   Holm, Meagan   2.3
08-02   A Review of a Southern Appalachian High-Wind Event   Modzelewski, William   3.1
08-01   The Central Indiana Winter Storm of 12-14 February 2007   Swain, Chad E.   2.2
07-04   A Composite Study of Mean Atmospheric Conditions Associated with Large Hail Events in South-Central North Dakota   Schultz, Chauncy J.   0.7
07-03   An Analysis of an Early-Season Heavy Snow Event over North Dakota and the Possible Involvement of Conditional Symmetric Instability   Chamberlain, Jon   8.6
07-02   Aviation Weather Hazards -- The Icing Event of 18 December 2002 and the Turbulence Event of 23 December 2002   Haase, John   1.6
07-01   A Climatology of LIFR Conditions in the Upper Midwest Stratified by Type of Weather   Haase, John   0.5
06-02   Elevated Thunderstorms across the Northern Plains   Kellenbenz, David   1.2
06-01   Observational Evidence of a Tropopause Fold over Bismarck, North Dakota on 10 March 2005   Chamberlain, Jon   4.6
05-03   The Wahpeton, North Dakota Near Tornadic Supercell of 28 August 2002 - A Warning
Meteorologist’s Perspective
  Kellenbenz, David   1.2
05-02   Evoluation of Two 13 June 2001 West-Central Minnesota Tornadic Supercells along a Warm Frontal Boundary   Donavon, Rodney A.   3.0
05-01   Rapid Tornadogenesis in Nelson County, North Dakota - 18 July 2001   Kellenbenz, David   0.4
04-02   Forecasting High-Impact Severe Thunderstorms Events   Chaskelson, Corey   0.2
04-01   Using Lightning Data as a Tool in Forecasting and Warning
  Trimarchi, Stephen   0.1
03-02   Storm Spotter Implementation into AWIPS   Hansing, Darrin R.   0.1
03-01   Exploiting the Digital Forecast Database for Enhanced Customer Service   Murphy, Pat   0.6
02-04   Southern Indiana Flash Flood Event   Pavlow, Sally   1.0
02-03   Performance and Optimization of the Dodge City, Kansas WSR-88D Build 10.0 Tornado
Detection Algorithm
  Thede, David T.   0.1
02-02   The WFO Hydrologic Forecast System (WHFS) and Flash Flood Forecasting   Larson, Lee W.   0.1
02-01   Using RiverPro to Develop and Disseminate Flash Flood Watches and Warnings for Dams
with Emergency Action Plans
  Lamberty, Greg   0.1