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number    title   lead author   date published       size (in MB)
TSP-20   An Updated Severe Weather Climatology for the National Weather Service Northern Indiana County Warning Area   Lashley, Samuel L.   Nov. 2014   2.8
TSP-19   Indiana Tornado Climatology 1950 - 2010   Kellner, Olivia   May 2014   0.9
TSP-18   A Cloud Cover Climatology for Three Midwestern Cities and a Limited
Comparison to Their NDFD Forecasts
  Engebretson, Linda   Sep. 2010   0.8
TSP-17   Heat Index Climatology for the North-Central United States   Rieck, Todd   Oct. 2009   0.8
TSP-16   A Winter Weather Climatology for Northern and Central Indiana   O'Hara, Brian H.   Mar. 2009   4.6
TSP-15   Wind Chill Climatology for the North-Central United States   Rieck, Todd   Sep. 2008   0.8
TSP-14   Dewpoint Temperature Climatology for the Wichita, Kansas Forecast Area   Schreck, Mary-Beth   Aug. 2008   0.1
TSP-13   Temperature Behavior Differences between the Valley and Ridge Top in the La Crosse, Wisconsin Area   Boyne, Jeffrey S.   Mar. 2008   0.4
TSP-12   Climate of Riverton, Wyoming   Skrbac, Paul   Feb. 2007   1.2
TSP-11   This Day in Weather History for Southeast Minnesota, Northeast Iowa, and Western Wisconsin   Rieck, Todd   Mar. 2006   3.3