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Did you know that the National Weather Service (NWS) can virtually visit your classroom and talk with your students? The NWS Virtual National School Outreach Team is ready to answer their weather-related questions! 

If it’s discussing weather basics, tornadoes, hurricanes, winter weather and weather safety, or other topics like space weather, climate change or hydrology, a National Weather Service professional can pop into the classroom to speak to all K-12 students. Meteorologists and scientists are available to meet with a classroom or a group, and we can tailor presentations towards specific topics that engage your students through age appropriate discussions, presentations, question and answer sessions. 

How does it work?

All that is needed for your classroom to participate in an NWS virtual classroom visit is an internet connection, and a computer with a webcam and a microphone. With this setup, your class or multiple classrooms across your school or across the country can participate together! You can use Google Meet, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. The setup is easy. Once the session is scheduled, just click on the virtual link provided at the scheduled time and we can begin. We are flexible and can meet your needs or those of your school! 

Who will be Participating?

All of our NWS professionals have a passion for weather, science, safety and education. Presentations are offered by meteorologists, hydrologists, and scientists from the NWS, and we make every effort to include a meteorologist or scientist from your local NWS office. In addition to NWS meteorologists, physical scientists from the Space Weather Prediction Center or other meteorologists from National Weather Centers may be available for special presentations.

What can we teach?

We have several interesting and engaging topics we can present to your students and can certainly tailor programs to your students needs! Please focus on one or two topics.

  • Weather Basics is approximately 45 minutes and covers where the weather comes from, cold/warm fronts, high/low pressure, wind and storms.
  • Severe Weather is approximately 30-45 minutes and covers various types of severe weather and weather safety tips.
  • Ask-a-Meteorologist is one of our more popular programs and can range for 30 - 60 minute sessions. This allows students to drive the discussion with their questions about anything weather and weather science related.
  • Climate Change is approximately 45 minutes and covers weather versus climate, signs of a changing climate and how we measure it, what you can do, and climate resources.
  • Space Weather is about 45 minutes and covers all things space weather: the sun, solar storms and the potential impacts here on earth.
  • Hydrology is around 45 minutes and covers the water cycle, precipitation, flooding, and drought.
  • Spanish Speaking options exist for Weather Basics, Severe Weather and Hydrology!

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