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Shapefile Type: polygon

Data source: Derived from NWS Public Forecast Zones

Naming convention: W_ddmmyy  where ddmmyy = day-month-year

NWS Specifications: NWSI 10-507

Description: The CWA boundaries are the counties/zones for which each Weather Forecast Office (WFO) is responsible for issuing forecasts and warnings.  The shapefile was created by aggregating public zones with the same CWA designation into a single polygon and manually adjusting the boundaries of the exceptions to the rule.

Description Valid Date Data Download #Records MD5sum Documentation
County Warning Areas 5 April 2022
(ppd from 22 March 2022) 125 c5c22aac9f5c784d9f7a9a9e5afce279
Last Updated: 19-APR-22
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Shapefile Attributes:

Field Name Type Width Description
WFO character 3 WFO Identifier (name of CWA)
CWA character 3 CWA Identifier (same as WFO)
Lon numeric 10,5 Longitude of centroid [decimal degrees]
Lat numeric 9,5 Latitude of centroid [decimal degrees]
Region character 2 NWS Region (Eastern (ER), Western (WR), Central (CR), Southern (SR), Alaska (AR), Pacific (PR)
FullStaId character 4 Full 4 character internal NWS Station ID for CWA
CityState character 50 City and state in which the WFO office is located
City character 50 City designator for office
State character 50 Full state name in which office is located
St character 2 Two character state abbreviation for state where office is located