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The Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS) uses shapefiles for base maps in the system.  A widely used common subset of these shapefiles have been made available for use by NWS partners. These shapefiles contain boundaries of areas used by NWS for forecasts and warnings as well as map backgrounds.

If you are looking for weather data that are compatible with GIS software go to this link for access.

NWSM Library Hydrologic Boundaries Miscellaneous Data
County Warning Area Boundaries River Forecast Center Boundaries Public Forecast Zone-County Correlation file
Public Forecast Zone Boundaries River Basins Codes for EAS/NWR
Coastal and Offshore Marine Zones HSA Boundaries Basemap data from NOHRSC
Fire Weather Zone Boundaries Rivers and Streams Partial County boundaries for NWR and EAS
Counties, States, Provinces GIS Resources
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