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Overview of Coastal, Offshore and High Seas Marine Zones


Detailed view of the Marine Zones and access to forecasts.
Detailed view of the Offshore Zones and access to forecasts.

Shapefile Type: Polygon

Data source: Coastline derived from US Counties

Naming convention: mzddmmyy (coastal marine zones), ozddmmyy (offshore zones), hzddmmyy (high seas zones)  where ddmmyy = day-month-year

NWS Specifications: NWSI 10-302

Description: The NWS issues marine forecasts, watches, warnings and advisories for a set of defined zone for offshore and coastal waters of the U.S.


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Coastal Marine Zones
Including the Great Lakes
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Date last upload: 22-FEB-24
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Shapefile Attributes:

Field Name Type width,dec Description
ID character 6 Marine Zone Identifier
WFO character 3 Assigned WFO (Office Identifier)
GL_WFO character 3 Great lakes WFO responsible for Open Lake Forecastts
NAME character 250 Name of Marine Zone (In the offshore zone file, this attribute is "Name")   
AJOIN0 character 5 Not Used
AJOIN1 character 5 Not Used
LON numeric 10,5 Longitude of Centroid [decimal degrees]
LAT numeric 9,5 Latitude of Centroid [decimal degrees]