National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce


Shapefile Type: Polygon

Data source: Derived from NWS Public Forecast Zones

Naming convention: z_ddmmyy  where ddmmyy = day-month-year

Description: This dataset depicts the areas of responsibility for fire weather forecasts and warnings for each WFO.


Description Valid date Data Download # Records MD5SUM Documentation
Fire Weather Zones 02 April 2019 3488 4853C1E4100482E55AA4753B82E771D9
Date last upload: 19-APR-19
Change History Metadata
10 October 2019 3499 6A47C65AD357BC88010E017762A9FE0F
Date last upload: 18-SEP-19


Shapefile Attributes:

Field Name Type  Width, Decimals Description
STATE Character 2 U.S. Postal Standard two letter abbreviation
ZONE Character 3 Zone Number
CWA Character 3 CWA (WFO) abbreviation
NAME Character 254 Zone name from
STATE_ZONE Character 5 Concatenation of State and zone with underscore
TIME_ZONE Character 2 Time zone abbreviation
FE_AREA Character 2 Cardinal area of state
LON Numeric 10,5 Longitude of Centroid (decimal degrees)
LAT Numeric 9,5 Latitude of Centroid (decimal degrees)