National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce


File type: Pipe delimited text

Data Source: Derived from U.S. Counties and NWS Public Forecast Zones

Naming Convention: bp ddmmyy.dbx. where ddmmyy = day-month-year

Description: Each record represents a single polygon from the public forecast zone shapefile.  Whenever a county is divided into multiple zones, there will exist a record for each county with the same zone. 

Note: Starting with the 1 May 2018 file (bp01my18.dbx - now invalid), the CWA field will be a reference to the zone field, and not the county field.


Description Valid date Data Download
County-Public Forecast Zones Correlation file 02 April 2019
Date last upload: 21-FEB-19
10 October 2019
Date last upload: 15-AUG-19


Record Format:

Name Description
STATE Two character state abbreviation
ZONE Three character zone number
CWA Three character CWA ID (of the zone, starting with 01 May 2018 file)
NAME Zone name
STATE_ZONE 5 character state + zone name
COUNTY County name
FIPS 5 character state-county FIPS code
TIME_ZONE Time zone of polygon (See comments on county page)
FE_AREA Feature Area (location in STATE - See comments on county page)
LAT Latitude of centroid of the zone
LON Longitude of centroid of the zone