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National Weather Service Data as OGC Web Services

This page is for data that is available as Geospatial Information System (GIS) Web Services. The main REST Services Page has links to the pages containing the NWS and other NOAA Line Offices web service. This page contains web services that follow the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards for web services.Three standards are supported - Web Mapping Services (WMS), Web Feature Services (WFS) and Web Coverage Services (WCS). A limited set of data are available at this time and the links are below.


For questions or concerns about these services, please contact the IDP-GIS team.


The following links will lead you to a REST page for services or a download page for images.


Current Weather Forecasts Past Weather/Climate
Watches, Warnings and Radar
•Base Reflectivity Radar
•Base Reflectivity Radar (time_enabled)
•Watch/Warn Polygons
•NOHRSC Snow Analysis
Hurricanes/Tropical Storms
•Atlantic Hurricane Forecast
•East Pacific Hurricane Forecast

•AHPS River Gauge Observations/Forecasts
•National Significant River Flood Outlook
•Quantitative Precip Fcst (QPF) from WPC
•Hourly Quantitative Precip Est (QPE) from RFC
•Daily Quantitative Precip Est from RFC
•Gridded Flash Flood Guidance
•Alaska River Breakup Status

Air Quality

•Air Quality Surface Dust 
•Air Quality Vertical Dust 
•Air Quality One Hour Average Ozone 
•Air Quality One Hour Maximum Ozone 
•Air Quality 8 Hour Average Ozone 
•Air Quality 8 Hour Maximum Ozone
•Air Quality Surface Smoke 
•Air Quality Vertical Smoke 


From the Climate Prediction Center (CPC)
• 6 to 10 Day Precipitation and Temperature Outlooks
• 8 to 14 Day Precipitation and Temperature Outlooks
•Daily 0.25 Deg CMORPH
•GFS Precipitation Anomalies
•Monthly Precipitation Outlooks
•Monthly Temperature Outlooks
•Seasonal Precipitation Outlooks
•Seasonal Temperature Outlooks
•Weekly Sea Surface (SST) Temperatures
•CPC Drought Outlook