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The Hazard Simplification Project will be conducting a number of surveys over the next few months. The surveys will differ in a number of ways (subject, duration, etc.). To help you keep tabs on these surveys, we created an easy guide for your reference:


NEW! Please provide your comments on a proposal to simplify and clarify our Marine weather hazard messages!


Prototype Demonstration -- Winter Weather Episode Survey

Purpose: To collect feedback on how well each of three prototype hazard messaging systems (representing a range of alternatives to the current WWA system) perform in a winter weather scenario.

Duration: will remain open until all of the Prototype Demonstration episodes are done


Flood Advisory/Watch and Winter Weather Advisory Consolidation Survey

Purpose: To collect feedback on two proposals: 1) to consolidate certain flood-related advisory and watch products into a single product and improve message formatting; and 2) to consolidate certain winter weather-related advisory-level products into a single Winter Weather Advisory and improve message formatting.



Survey on Two Optional Hazard Maps

Purpose: To collect feedback on two national-level hazard maps that could serve as options (in addition to the current WWA map for users who visit the homepage.



Decision-maker Survey

Purpose: To assess the extent to which decision-making entities (at all levels and in various sectors) have formally incorporated the WWA products into their written decision-making processes via policies, protocols, laws, etc. For instance, are there school superintendents out there with a written policy that says if a Winter Storm Warning were issued, then XYZ needs to happen? The answer to this question will help NWS understand the potential policy impact on various key partners if NWS were to make changes to the WWA system, such as changing the name, nature or scope of a particular WWA product.