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Oppressive Heat Continues; Severe Storms and Heavy Rain

An oppressive and dangerous heat wave continues across a large section of the U.S. with hazy, hot and humid conditions. Widespread excessive heat warnings and heat advisories stretch from the central and southern Plains to the Southeast. Severe thunderstorms and heavy rain are expected in multiple spots, in Montana, parts of the Midwest and from the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys into the Carolinas. Read More >

ISCS Contacts


ISCS/NWS 24-hour Network Operations Technical Control Center



ISCS Program Manager

Robert Gillespie NWS


Program Analyst, International Activities Office

Caroline E. Corvington
301-713-0645 x126

Chief, International Activities Office

Courtney Draggon
301-713-0645 x104

EMWIN Technical Support

GOES HRIT/EMWIN Direct Broadcast Manager
Seth Clevenstine  301-817-4558  

NWS International Aviation Weather Services Program Manager

Michael Graf
301-713-1726 x 117


ISCS Web Master

          Office of Dissemination 
          1325 East West Hwy SSMC-2 
          Silver Spring, MD 20910 





ISCS Workstation Vendors

Database of Manufacturers for WAFS Meteorological Workstation Equipment can be found at:

(La base de datos de las empresas fabricantes del equipo para la estacion de trabajo meteorologica se pueden encontrar por la red del internet en la siguiente direccion).


Each manufacturer should be asked if their workstation equipment meets the ISCS Workstation Specification document.

(Cuando se comuniquen con los fabricantes, asegurecen que el equipo esta actualizado con los parametros necesarios para ISCS. Establecidos en el Documento de la Especificacion para las Estaciones de Trabajo del ISCS.


WAFS Workstations:
Global Science and Technology (GST)
Info-Electronics Systems (IES)
Morcom - Corbor
Synergy Meto France

Geo Netcast - (NESDIS)
Paul Seymour


The ISCS Program Office does not recommend and does not endorse workstation equipment or workstation software from any vendor. Each manufacturer should be asked if their workstation equipment meets the WAFS Workstation Software Specification document. Information on the software specification and evaluation information can be found at: