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Showers and Storms in the Northern Rockies; Localized Flooding in the Southeast

Isolated severe storms and localized flash flooding are possible over parts of the central and northern Rockies into the northern High Plains. Heavy rainfall may lead to localized instances of flooding from Florida to the Carolinas. Read More >

RTH Washington Data Ingest:

The US NWS maintains Internet based services which allow designated meteorological data providers the capability to input weather bulletins to the National Weather Service Telecommunication Gateway (NWSTG) - also known as the Regional Telecommunication Hub (RTH).  A description of these services is provided at the following:

- NWS Web Bulletin Input Form
- FTP Input Service
- eMail Data Input System (EDIS)




The US National Weather Service "International Services and Communication Systems" (ISCS) activity is a collective group of message dissemination systems used to provide weather, water and climate information to segments of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) International community as described in WMO document No. 386 - Manual on the Global Telecommunication System. The ISCS systems provide service to WMO Regional Association IV (RA-IV) and are managed by the US National Weather Service (NWS) Dissemination Systems Branch (W/OPS17); they include:

  • GTS Internet File Service (GIFS)
  • GeoNetCast - Americas (GNC-A)
  • Emergency Managers Weather Information Network (EMWIN)

ISCS systems are an integral part of the RA-IV Regional Meteorological Telecommunications Network (RMTN), which focuses on the timely collection and delivery of both time-critical and routine watches, warnings, observations and forecasts.

Additional telecommunication systems are identified as part of the RA-IV RMTN which supplement the capabilities of the ISCS systems for the exchange of messages. These other systems include:

  • NWSTG FTPS Ingest Server [RTH Washington System]
  • Email Data Input Service (EDIS) [RTH Washington System]
  • WAFS Internet File Service (WIFS) receive service [WAFC Washington System (FAA/ICAO)]


ISCS Notification

05/25/2021 ISCS-0220

Correct Climate products for MDH and POF for WFO PAH.
05/14/2021 ISCS-0219

Add and Delete climate products for WFO San Diego
04/14/2021 ISCS-0218

Termination of Satellite-Derived Rainfall Estimate Text Products
04/08/2021 ISCS-0217

Add Fire Weather Forecast (FWF) Products for Indiana (IN)
03/29/2021 ISCS-0216A

Removal of Atmospheric Products from GIFS/GNC-A with GFSv16.0 Software Update
03/25/2021 PNS21-18

Static Radar Image Files Return to EMWIN Services March 24, 2021
03/25/2021 ISCS-0215

Removal of Atmospheric Products from EMWIN with Upgrade to V. 16.0
03/25/2021 ISCS-0214

RA-IV Hurricane Op Plan 2020 Dissemination Reconciliation
03/04/2021 ISCS-0213

GOES-17 Satellite Cloud Products (SCP)

On September 28, 2020, Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) Satellite Cloud Products (SCP) from the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-17 (GOES-17, a.k.a., GOES-West) was added to the SBN. 
02/24/2021 Re:  SCN 20-117 Update

Updated to correct the date for the return of the Static Radar Image Files on the EMWIN services from February 26, 2021, to a date to be determined.
12/16/2020 Re:  SCN 20-117 

The transition to the
Ridge2 service is on hold
due to the NWS declared "Critical Weather Day"
(CWD).  The CWD is
currently scheduled to
expire at 1800 UTC, 12/17/2020.  When the
CWD expires, the Ridge2 service will be
implemented.  The NWS
CWD status is available


12/15/2020 SCN20-117

Static Radar Image Files Temporarily Suspended on
EMWIN Services, Effective December 16, 2020

ISCS Network

SSL-VPN Email Data Input Service (EDIS) Aviation Weather (WIFS) GeoNetCast Americas (GNC-A) EMWIN Antigua Bahamas Barbados Belize Costa Rica Curacao El Salvador Jamaica St. Lucia Trinidad GTS Internet File Service (GIFS) AWC Kansas City Guyana