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WFO Nashville Student Opportunities

Are you a high school, college, or graduate student interested in learning more about the National Weather Service? There are a number of opportunities for students to gain operational experience. These are arranged from least involved to most involved.

Job Shadow (Unpaid)
Formal Requirements: None
Contact: WFO Nashville (see contact information below)
Commitment: ~2-6 hours total
The student will shadow one or more forecasters for part or all of one forecast shift, observing and learning about WFO (Weather Forecast Office) operations.  This offers the greatest flexibility and can apply to any number of students. Tours are also available to groups of students--check out our education/outreach page for more information.

Student Volunteer (Unpaid)
Requirements: Full or part-time student at a college or university
Contact: WFO Nashville (see contact info below); application required
Commitment: 10-20 hours per week (average)
Volunteering is a more formal arrangement requiring college or graduate school attendance and an application process. The student agrees to spend a certain amount of time per week or month at the WFO outside of class and other activities. Depending on the type of volunteer program selected, the student divides his/her time between specific guided project(s) and NWS familiarization (job shadowing).
For more information: Nashville Student Volunteer Guide

Hollings Scholar Program (Paid)
Requirements: Undergraduate Student (must have 2 years left in program)
Contact: NOAA Office of Education (see below); application required
Commitment: Full-time for 10 weeks over a summer
The NOAA Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship Program is a competitive scholarship program that provides undergraduates the opportunity to (a) receive academic assistance during the school year and (b) work full-time at a NOAA facility (including WFO Nashville) for 10 weeks over the summer. Hollings Scholars conduct research on a specific project and present their results at a NOAA conference at the conclusion of the summer, and may also spend time on NWS familiarization.
For more information:

Pathways Program (Paid)

Requirements: Full or part-time student at a college or university 
Contact: TBD; application required
Commitment: Full or part-time work for multiple semesters
The Pathways Program consists of multiple opportunities; the option most applicable to the NWS is the Pathways “Internship” program, which is a paid internship (often beginning in the summer, and lasting through at least the following spring semester). Students are selected through a competitive application process and often work full-time during the summer months, and part-time as schedules allow during the academic year. Participants who work 640 hours may be noncompetitively converted to permanent positions upon graduation. Funding for this program varies, so positions may not always be available. 
No Pathways positions are available at WFO Nashville at this time; however, they may be available at other offices.  These will be advertised via

Local Contact Information: Josh Barnwell, WFO Nashville Science and Operations Officer (