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Strong to Severe Thunderstorms and Excessive Rainfall Across the Southern U.S. Today

Marginally severe thunderstorms capable of strong wind gusts and hail will be possible today across much of central Texas, and during the afternoon across parts of the Southeast U.S. Heavy rain from thunderstorms may bring isolated flash and urban flooding, along with new and renewed rises on rivers and streams throughout East Texas and the lower Mississippi Valley. Read More >

Dr. Jason P. Tuell

Dr. Jason P. Tuell
Director of the Eastern Region of the
National Weather Service.

Dr. Jason Tuell is currently the Director of the Eastern Region of the National Weather Service.  The Eastern Region delivers weather and water forecasts and warnings to almost 100M people from Maine to South Carolina to Ohio.  Approximately 685 people work at 23 Weather Forecast Offices, 3 River Forecast Offices and 4 Center Weather Support Units in Eastern Region.  Dr. Tuell also serves as Team Lead of the North Atlantic Regional Team (NART) and the NOAA representative to the Gulf of Maine Council.  The NART fosters collaboration across the line offices of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as well as external engagement with partners and stakeholders.  Additionally, Dr. Tuell serves as the US lead of the Marine thematic area of the NOAA-Environment Canada Bi-lateral Agreement.

Dr. Tuell has held many other positions in the National Weather Service.  He joined National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Weather Service (NWS) in 2002 as Chief of the Development Branch.  During his tenure, he oversaw the development of many product improvement projects including the Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS), Next Generation Weather Radar (NEXRAD) and Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) Programs.  Dr. Tuell also led the planning and management of AWIPS Tech Infusion project.  Prior to his current position, Dr. Tuell was Chief of Science Plans Branch in the Office of Science and Technology in was responsible for the science and technology planning for the National Weather Service.  Dr Tuell also served as the NextGen Program Manager for NOAA’s contribution to the Next Generation Air Transportation System.  Prior to coming to Eastern Region, Dr. Tuell served as Division Chief of the Meteorological Services Division and was responsible for the Policy and Requirements for Aviation, Public and Fire Weather, Marine and Coastal Services and Tsunami Forecasts and operation of the National Weather Service Operations Center.

Prior to joining NWS, Dr Tuell was a Senior Program Manager for Northrop Grumman. Northrop Grumman partnered with the NWS to implement meteorological and hydrological software algorithms, computer systems, and communications networks for the Hurricane Mitch recovery effort in Honduras and Guatemala. 

Dr. Tuell retired from the United States Air Force in 1997.  Dr. Tuell holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a Doctor of Philosophy in Atmospheric Science from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Dr. Tuell has a breadth of experience, ranging from developing a strategic vision, policy formulation, technology management to delivering operational services to the public and Governmental decision makers with a large, geographically distributed workforce.

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