National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
NWS Leadership
Uccellini, Louis W. Assistant Administrator for Weather Services and Director, NWS
Erickson, Mary C. Deputy Director, NWS
Murphy, John D. Chief Operating Officer, NWS
Cooley, Kevin Director of Office of Planning and Programming for Service Delivery, NWS
Office Directors
Clark, Terry Director, Radar Operations Center
Cooper, Grant Director, Western Region
Cooper, Steven Director, Southern Region
Cuff, Thomas Director, Ocean Prediction Center
Dewitt, David Director, Climate Prediction Center
Draggon, Courtney Director, International Activities Office
Graham Kenneth Director, National Hurricane Center
Graziano, Thomas Director, Office of Water Prediction
Gross, Brian Director, Environmental Modelling Center
Harding, Kenneth Acting Director for Central Region
Ji, Ming Director, Office of Science and Technology Integration
Jones, Deirdre Director, Office of Facilities
Kyger, Ben Director, NCEP Central Operations
Lapenta, Bill Director, National Centers for Environmental Prediction
Mainelli, Michelle Director, Office of Dissemination
Maxson, Robert Director, Aviation Weather Center
Michaud, David Director, Office of Central Processing
Novak, David Director, Weather Prediction Center
Ogren, John Chief Learning Officer
Pica, Joseph Director, Office of Observations
Portmann, Helmut Director, National Data Buoy Center
Potts, John Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer
Robertson, Peyton Director, NOAA/National Weather Service Office of Organizational Excellence
Schneider, Russell Director, Storm Prediction Center
Scott, Carven Director, Alaska Region
Stern, Andrew Director, Analyze, Forecast and Support Office
Strager, Chris Interim Director, Program Management Office
Tanabe, Raymond Director, Pacific Region
Tuell, Jason Director, Eastern Region
Varn, Richard Assistant Chief Information Officer