National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

Jetstream: The National Weather Service’s Online School for Weather

The National Severe Storms Laboratory’s Severe Weather 101

The Young Meteorologist Program: Follow Owlie Skywarn through hurricanes, floods, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and winter storms to learn about these weather hazards and how to stay safe and become a Young Meteorologist!

SciJinks: NASA and NOAA's weather site for kids! Play games and get all your questions answered about weather!

Smithsonian’s Weather Lab: Experiment with different air masses and the type of weather they create.

A children’s website designed by the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Kids can learn about weather and the atmosphere, as well as play games and do activities.

Web Weather for Kids: Learn about tornadoes/thunderstorms, hurricanes, clouds, and winter weather! Also includes fun science experiments.

Kidsville News: The National Weather Service publishes a weather article each month in this fun, educational newletter for kids in grades K-6.

Be a Force of Nature by knowing what to do when dangerous weather strikes.

The Clouds Outside My Window!
A picture book on clouds created by a National Weather Service Meteorologist with a template to make your own!