National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
  • Lesson Plan for Teaching Weather Merit Badge to Small Groups
  • Laptop with Leon the Lighting game opened in a web browser.
  • Blue MB cards: one for each Scout (obtain from the Advancement Chair of their Troop)
  • Weather Merit Badge Booklet for reference. Purchase at a local Scout Shop.
  • Thunder Experiment: Brown paper lunch sacks, enough for each Scout and one extra for demonstration.
  • Weather Worksheet: Be sure to use the version that has been modified for this class. We eliminated either/or choices for requirements 8 and 9 and highlighted which achievements can be found on posters to help guide Scouts through the class.
  • Weather Experiments: You can use more advanced experiments for older Scouts, easily found online.
  • Worksheet: How Weather Affects Different Industries
  • Industry Paper Signs: Farmer, Sailor, Builder, Aviator: afix with string to make a necklace.
  • merit badge series brochure coverPosters: these are Word files that can be laminated before hanging:
  • Dangerous Weather & Safety Rules (first portion of requirement #2)
  • Posters: Warm Front & Cold Front: Copied from the Merit Badge Booklet
    These posters are teaching aids, meant to guide the instructor’s discussion with Scouts for requirement 3 at the top of page 2 on the Weather Worksheet.
  • Worksheet: Weather Map
  • Crushing Can Experiment:
    • Empty soda cans: enough for each Scout plus one for demonstration
    • Electric burner or portable camping cook burner
    • Long tongs to grab the hot can off the burner and flip it into the cold water
    • Large clear bowl: Use bowl for this experiment and two other activities below.
    • Water to put in bowl and into each can
  • Cloud/Water Cycle Chart - this is a NOAA chart, available to download online
  • Lightning Experiment: Wintergreen Certs mints - one or two for each Scout
    Handout: “Weather Safety: to Guide Scouts’ Talk with Family and Troop or Pack
  • Slips of paper each with a type of severe weather printed on it, folded, placed in bowl. Have enough for each partnered pair of Scouts to pull one from the bowl.
  • NOAA Weather Radio for demonstration (Activity 10)
  • Slips of paper each with a weather career printed on it, folded, placed in bowl (use same bowl from crushing can experiment). Have enough careers for each Scout to pull one from the bowl.

Optional: If you want to expand the course time: