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Science Research and Collaboration

The Office of Hydrologic Development Science Research and Collaboration (SRC) is managed by OHD’s Senior Scientist, and provides funding for collaborative research performed outside of OHD, by means of the established NOAA Grants and Collaborative Research Programs. Typical research entities include universities, other Federal agencies, and private companies. The program is open to researchers from other countries.

In the left hand column, the user can access the following:

  • Strategic Science Plan. This page provides access to the current version of OHD’s Strategic Science Plan in Adobe pdf format.

  • OHD Seminars. Recordings of past OHD seminars are posted on this page.

  • The Current Announcement and Past Announcement sections display the text of the respective announcement as published in Grants.Gov, and may also include a page with answers clarifying technical and administrative questions posed by prospective grant applicants on that particular announcement.

  • Information on current and past collaborative research projects and project progress reports, are posted on the Collaborative Research Projects page.