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Q: I have an NWR receiver but it does not convey warnings with Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME)? Will this receiver alert me for Partial County warnings?

A: If your receiver does not include SAME but does respond to an alert warning tone, then you will receive warnings for all the counties and partial counties broadcast from the NWR station you are tuned to.

NWS highly encourages NWR users to look for receivers with the Public Alert™ logo or identified as a SAME-capable receiver. You should have the ability to receive partial county warnings if you use a Public Alert™ receiver.

Q: I have an NWR receiver with SAME. I only wish to receive warnings for my area. How do I know what six digit SAME location code I should program into my receiver?

A: Details on SAME location codes for full counties and partial counties are available at: or by dialing 1-888-NWR-SAME

Many Weather Forecast Offices with partitioned counties will provide additional information, such as maps, to help you determine the six digit SAME location code for your area of the county. Depending on your area of interest, you may program one or more partial county location codes for your receiver.

To receive the full benefit of Partial County Alerting, program in the partial county SAME codes for which you wish to be alerted. Remove the full county SAME code (that is, the six digit code beginning with zero). If you do not remove the full county code, you will continue to be alerted for all partial county warnings broadcast for NWR stations for the county.

General information on SAME location codes with a non-zero first digit:

Q: I have an NWR receiver with SAME, but I have decided I still want to receive all partial county warnings broadcast by the NWR station(s) for my county. What should I do?

A: For partitioned counties, NWR users who wish to continue receiving all the partial county warnings broadcast by the NWR station(s) for the county should program the full county code. This is the SAME county location code with a leading digit of zero.

Q: I live near the dividing line between two partitions. What do you recommend on programming my receiver? 

A: In this case, if you would like increased awareness of warnings in your vicinity, you may wish to program in the SAME codes for both partitions. Otherwise, only program the code for the partition in which you live.

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