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Hit Three Times: Through Window, On Phone, On Porch


I have been hit three times. I received a direct strike through a window as I was walking through living room while in Oak Ridge, TN, in 1995. The lightning went on to hit the TV and melt the circuit board. I was hit in the stomach and received a burn on my right arm and blew a hole in my shirt sleeve. I had severe neuropathy [tingling or pain] the instant that I was hit that never went away completely, though after a few months it wasn't quite as severe.

In Flagstaff, AZ, in 2005, I was hit while on landline telephone. Ruptured ear drum and severe head pain.

In August 2007, I got hit in my right hearing aid. I heard a staticy electricicity sound in my right hearing aid and then got severe stabbing pain where the hearing aid touches the skull behind the ear. Lightning had just struck in the woods in front of my place while I was out on the porch just seconds before I experienced the hit to the hearing aid. From that I had temporary pain behind the ear, tinnitis and it has flared the PTSD.

I now have severe neuropathy, chronic pain,digestive problems, aphasia, aphraxia, frontal lobe damage, PTSD and short term memory loss, which has been diagnosed by a neuropsychologist.