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High Price for Pizza? Supernatural Side Effect?


I was struck by lightening about 12 years ago.  No one ever told me you weren't supposed to be on a land-line telephone during an electrical storm.  So, there I was, calling in a carryout pizza order, when I noticed that the lightening and thunder was getting more intense and coming more frequently.  I heard static on the phone line, which kept getting louder and louder.  Then I heard what sounded like a loud explosion, and at the same time I notice a bright white light at my feet, which was football shaped and had spikes.  It blew me across the floor, and I was knocked out for a few seconds. 

My son came running into the kitchen to find me laying there on the floor. When I started to get a numbing feeling on one side of my body, starting at the toes, and working upward, he called 911.  After spending several hours in the emergency room, they confirmed that I had been hit by lightening through the phone lines.

After the strike, I notice a strange sideeffect. It's almost as if I get Extrasensory Perception (ESP), every once in a while.  There have been times where I speak someone's name, someone that I haven't been heard from or seen in MANY years and all of a sudden they walk in the door.  Or the time I KNEW my plumbing was going to back up in the laundry room.  And sure enough, that night, it happened.  I've had eerie feelings about things just before they actually happen.  I've actually created a list (some where in my house) of these incident because I couldn't believe it myself!  Most people that know me are amazed. And so am I. This periodic thing only started AFTER my lightening incident.