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Standing Inside by Metal Door


A few months ago here in Houston, TX, I was indirectly hit by lightning. I standing at my back door inside, the door was closed but my hand was on the metal door frame when I was hit. I went to the emergency room via ambulance and didn’t have burns, just bruises and chest pain and weakness on my right side of my body which the jolt went through. I was released after being admitted for about 13 hours and was told I might have some late side effects but never told what that would be.

I’ve noticed the past few weeks I get random brain fog and memory loss. Like yesterday, I forgot the name of a song I had just learned how to play and how to actually play it. My husband had to show me a video of myself playing it in order for me to remember. Things like this keep happening. I was supposed to follow up with a neurologist but with no insurance and over $30,000 in medical bills I can’t even afford to pay, it is not feasible.