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  1. Open the formatter launcher by clicking Products --> Formatter Launcher from the GFE menu bar. No Hazard grid modifications are needed for an expiration. DO NOT delete or make any edits to the hazard grid you wish to expire! Deleting the grid tells GFE you wish to cancel the hazard, not expire it.
    1. If you are within the window for expirations, GFE will automatically create an EXP for the hazard in question
    2. If you delete the hazard you wish to expire, but do not issue the product prior to the original hazard end time, GFE will prevent you from issuing the product as a hazard cannot be canceled that has ended. Only remove hazards you wish to cancel early.
    3. If you only want to expire part of the hazard and extend others, follow the instructions at the partial extension jobsheet. Essentially, a new hazard grid is needed for the area to be extended. Do not modify the existing hazard grid.
  2. Choose the product that contains the hazard you wish to expire.
  3. Make the necessary edits to your product.
    1. The VTEC action for any hazard that is 30 minutes either side of the expiration time will be EXP.
    2. Other actions will be dependent upon any modification to the hazard grid since the product was last issued. If no changes were made, all other actions would be CON.
  4. Run the spell check by clicking Edit --> Spell Check from the product editor menu.

  5. Click Transmit to send the product.