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Soil Temperature and Frost Depth Maps

Knowing the temperature of the soil is important for many activities including agriculture, horticulture, construction, and even grave digging. It is also important for hydrologists because in many situations a frozen soil limits infiltration of water thereby generating more runoff from rain and snowmelt than soil that is not frozen.

The following maps display the temperature of the soil at multiple depths (2", 4", 8", 20", 40", and 60"), where the ground is bare or where the ground is covered with vegetation, for many sites across the NCRFC Service Area. The data are collected by government agencies, universities, and volunteer coop observers.


Soil Temperature


Soil Temp-Bare Ground

Soil Temp -  Vegetation

2 inches
4 inches
8 inches
20 inches
40 inches
60 inches




Frost Depth

Frost Depth-Calculated under Bare Ground

Frost Depth-Calculated Under Vegetation

Frost Depth-Observed