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Valley Rain and Mountain Snow for Portions of the West; Tranquil Weather for the East

Low pressure will progress inland across the west overnight with some valley rain and higher terrain snow as this system tracks across the Intermountain West on Monday. East of the Rocky Mountains, high pressure will keep the weather pattern tranquil with moderating temperatures expected for the center of the nation. Read More >


The NWS OCFO/OCAO is responsible for Budget Formulation, Annual Allotment Planning, and Funds Execution Monitoring. Program Analysts on the Budget Formulation & Execution Team are aligned to specific funding portfolios to manage and monitor spending in support of the NWS Mission. The OCFO/OCAO follows a planning cycle of three distinct phases for requesting and determining the annual allotment: 

The NOAA OCFO/OCAO documents the NWS and other NOAA Line Offices yearly budgets within the annual Blue Book and Congressional Justifications. Consult the links below for reference of the NWS annual budget. 

FY21 Blue Book | FY21 Congressional Justification

FY20 Blue Book | FY20 Congressional Justification

FY19 Blue Book | FY19 Congressional Justification

FY18 Blue Book | FY18 Congressional Justification