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Arctic Front to Bring Areas of Heavy Snow and Bitter Cold

Heavy snow will shift into the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes as an arctic front continues south and east. Bitter cold and dangerous wind chills can be expected across the Northern Tier states and into the Central Great Plains. A Pacific weather system will bring a wintry mix in the mountains and rain to the lower elevations. Read More >

The OCFO/OCAO Mission: 

The NWS Office of the Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer leads effective and responsible stewardship of financial, human, and physical resources and establishes budget, internal controls, and administrative policies and procedures to help enable NWS to fulfill its mission while building a Weather-Ready Nation. 

Learn more about the initiative for a Weather- Ready Nation here.

The OCFO/OCAO Vision: 

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer shall be known throughout NWS for its expertise, customer service, and knowledgeable guidance with a focus on delivering consistent, responsive, and effective support to all NWS stakeholders. We will provide timely, accurate, and complete information and analysis to support transparent decision-making.

OCFO/OCAO shall foster a positive workplace environment where employees are valued for their contributions, acknowledged for quality work, encouraged to develop skills to reach professional goals, and empowered to perform duties at the highest standards, all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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Budget Formulation and Execution Division:

The Budget Formulation & Execution team of the OCFO/OCAO specializes in financial planning, internal controls, and property management.  The team is responsible for ensuring that the organization has access to resources and guidance needed to properly forecast and disseminate weather information, especially during weather-related emergencies.  To help the NWS achieve its mission to provide weather, water, and climate data, forecasts and warnings for the protection of life and property and enhancement of the national economy, the Budget Formulation & Execution team:   

  • Formulates, monitors, and executes the NWS Annual Budget
  • Manages the NWS database for financial reporting
  • Allocates and provides accounting resources to support the Portfolios, Offices, and Regions
  • Develops and implements a program for internal audits and controls, business process improvement, and issuing federal compliance guidance
  • Maintains monitoring and reporting NWS Property Accountability

Management and Organization Division:

The Management & Organization team of the OCFO/OCAO specializes in labor relations management, human capital planning, career framework development, and administrative policy.  The team is responsible for ensuring that the organization maintains proper staffing levels and for developing strategies for effective workforce management.  The NWS mission can only be fulfilled with supported employees who have access to adequate training.  In order to help achieve this goal, the Management & Organization team:

  • Develops administrative policies
  • Manages NWS’s workforce management policy and activities
  • Coordinates national level labor-management relations within the NWS
  • Acts as liaison to the General Accounting Office, Office of the Inspector General, and other investigative services
  • Manages Awards and Recognition program
  • Monitors NWS Human Resources software, including timekeeping, benefits, and travel reimbursement platforms

For a comprehensive list of the responsibilities that the NWS OCFO/OCAO manages, click here.

Our Directors:

Timothy Greten
Acting Chief
Financial Officer / Chief Administrative Officer

Mathew Grow
Deputy Chief Financial Officer/Deputy Chief Administrative Officer

Mathew Grow came to the NWS OCFO/OCAO from the NOAA Finance Office, where he was the Director of the Financial Systems Division (FSD). He has over 20 years of Federal financial management, systems implementations, and operations and maintenance experience.  He started his career as a consultant supporting DOC, NOAA, and National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the migration of multiple Commerce agencies from their legacy financial systems onto the Commerce Business System (CBS).  In 2008, he joined the NOAA Finance Office, where he led the effort to consolidate five offices to two. 

In 2009, Mathew became the Director of FSD, overseeing the support and maintenance of NOAA’s CBS environment and representing NOAA as the CBS program manager in interactions with DOC leadership.  He also supported DOC leadership as they began to  plan and prepare for the future modernization of CBS and other DOC administrative systems. Mathew also spent time at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) improving their financial and administrative systems planning and execution.

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