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Snow Expected This Evening, Slick Roads May Develop

A quick shot of accumulating snow is expected this evening. Roads may become slick as temperatures fall. Drivers should also watch out for lingering icy spots for the Tuesday morning commute. Warmer temperatures in the 40s are expected for the middle of this week. Read More >

Storm Summary

This was a near classic northwest flow lake snow event.   There was a 992 mb low that tracked across northern Michigan on the evening of the 09th, that quickly moved northeast into Canada by the morning of the 10th.  This set the stage for the coldest air of the season to come into Michigan on northwest winds.  Temperatures at the start of the day on the 10th were in the lower 30s, by sunrise temperatures fell into the mid 20s and then continued to fall on gusty northwest winds into the lower 20s by evening on the 10th.  It was from mid morning on the 10th through about midnight that most of accumulating snow fell.

Storm total snowfall from the 09th at 7 am through the 11th at 7 am. 


Storm Total Snowfall Reports from the

10th through the 11th of December 2019



Surface Weather Maps and Radar Images for the Same Time


December 10 2019  1 PM Surface Map (left) and radar (right)


December 10 2019  7 PM Surface Map (left) and radar (right)



December 11 2019  1 AM Surface Map (left) and radar (right)


                                                                     December 11 2019  7 AM Surface Map (left) and radar (right)



Upper Air Charts (850 mb to show Lake Effect Wind Flow)

850 mb height, temperature and wind for 

                          December 09 2019  7 PM                                               December 10 2019 7 AM)


850 mb heights, temperatures and wind

                    December 10,2019 7 PM                                                                                            December 11, 2019 7 AM