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Mostly Cloudy Today with an Isolated Morning Shower or Thunderstorm

A weak wave of low pressure will track through the region today leading to mostly cloudy skies. An isolated shower or thunderstorm will be possible this morning. Below normal temperatures are predicted today and into Thursday. A warming trend is forecast for the weekend. Read More >

This shows the snowfall for each of the 3 days of this heavy snow event.  Wednesday was the day with the most snowfall in the our Northwest Counties.  Also note that on Thursday the area of heavy snowfall shifted southward along the lake shore.  It was on Thursday when the snowfall was actually the heaviest.



This is this events grand total snowfall.  Decatur was the big winner for the greatest snowfall with 20 inches.  It should be noted that the area from Holland to Grand Rapids also  had similar heavy snowfall amounts in the range of 1.5 feet.  


This map shows the actual snowfall reports from various sources during this winter storm event.